“We live in a connected world. In our journey, every connection we encounter, is an experience. A collection of experiences, is our story book. The best chapters of my story book are, whenever compassionate, caring and committed people came into my life, shared their experiences honestly and generously and changed me forever. 

It has been three years since the nonprofit organization was founded. Marshmallow Minds gives an opportunity to connect with our community through empathy and STEAM education. It is beautiful to watch the story of  Marshmallow Minds unfold and expand everyday with the support of many compassionate, caring and committed people in our community.  

Through our sincere efforts and the generosity of many, we hope to be one of the best chapters in the lives of many children and families with whom we connect through our programs.” Harini Senthilvasan, Founder@ Marshmallow Minds

Marshmallow Minds Quarterly Newsletter

Newsletter 2Q2019