Marshmallow Minds is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit Design and Project Based Learning Institute with the mission to provide an affordable and accessible Design Thinking and STE(A)M education with a focus on building children’s growth mindset, innovative problem-solving skills, and creative confidence.

“There's a way to do it better - find it.”― Thomas A. Edison

What if the heart of every STE(A)M lesson is a real-world story?

How might we give students the experience to empathize with real-world challenges faced by different users, explore science and technology, and engineer solutions to solve their users’ problems?

“At Marshmallow Minds, we believe that all children have the potential to become heroes when they connect with the world from their heart through empathy and apply their mind creatively, to solve challenges.” - Harini Senthilvasan, Founder @ Marshmallow Minds

Watch our young heroes in action!

Since 2016, Marshmallow Minds has delivered quality Design Thinking and STE(A)M programs to thousands of students in public schools.

Through age-appropriate STE(A)M design challenges, our K-8 programs ( STEAMX-DT-4SCHOOLS, STOP DROP DESIGN Hackathon and Summer Camp ) embed a love of learning and problem solving through empathy, hands-on exploration, and engineering. Our programs

  • focus on real-world, hands-on design challenges

  • meet the 21st-century learning standards, Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core State Standards

  • integrate with existing school curriculum, improve the understanding of academic subjects and augment public school system

  • are taught by passionate STE(A)M/Design Thinking trained educators /professionals /community volunteers

  • build creative confidence in students

  • develop critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity and problem solving