Marshmallow Minds' in-school STE(A)M eXplore Design Thinking program, STEAMX-DT-4SCHOOLS, provides quality STE(A)M education to students in Grades K-3. Students receive weekly STE(A)M lessons as part of their regular school day where they empathize with real-world challenges, explore STE(A)M, engineer prototypes and solve problems applying the Design Thinking process and mindset.    

Our in-school program, STEAMX-DT-4SCHOOLS 

  • focuses on empathetic, hands-on design challenges

  • is taught by passionate STE(A)M/Design Thinking certified professionals during the regular school day

  • meets the 21st century learning standards, Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core State Standards

  • integrates with existing school curriculum

  • improves the understanding of academic subjects

  • builds creative confidence in students

  • develops critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, problem solving

Lesson Preview VIDEOS*

*As we creates more lessons, we will continue to update this page. Stay tuned!




Marshmallow Minds is proud to bring the STEAMX-DT-4SCHOOLS program to the following partner schools:

Cupertino Union School District

Murdock-Portal Elementary